Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Pictures New Information and Apples

Above are some wedding programs I created for a wedding last fall. The theme? Apples of course!

WOW! I have started this post so many times but every time I sit down to post I find myself doing one of the following, 1) taking a phone call b) answering email or c) checking out all of my fave blogs and getting sucked into the magical world of blog posts. It never ceases to amaze me how much info is out there at your fingertips!

So, without further ado, I am posting my newest and most addictive blog related search engine yet... KIRTSY. I LOVE IT!!! It's a collection of the post popular blog posts around and when they became popular as well as editor picks. I check it every few days and I have a system where I (in Mozilla Firefox Browser) right click on any interesting link and click "open in a new tab" as i scroll down the page. Before I know it I have 25 pages to browse through, some of which have great links to other pages! It's like putting a bowl of candy in front of a two year old- stinkin' addictive and pure blog gluttony!!

Oh yes, and other reason for this post... today the talented Kerri Banyas, of Taylor Grey Photography (LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!!) is coming over to take photos of my newest designs to post on my blog and website!! I am sooo excited to be working with Kerri, she is sweet, talented, smart, and is quickly becoming one of my favorite people! If you have not checked her blog- be sure to make a stop and check it out. She is fabulous!

The seating scroll and place cards for the same apple themed wedding.

The numbers look like bites taken out of the apples. Creative and whimsical!!

Other happenings here at S.I., I am in the market for a new web design to make getting pricing info a bit easier and to make my stinking contact/ordering form actually work for longer than a day at a time! It's driving me crazy! I had finally gotten the solution to the web form problem and had my host switch me to a WINDOWS server, and then my email did not function- so I decided email was much more important than a form so I switched back to LINUX. Those of you have been through this type of issue know what I am talking about...pure frustration!!!

I am also getting BUSY with work (not complaining, just an observation) right now and am having a blast meeting with new brides. Because I am busy so much earlier than last year, I don't have my "right hand gal" here to help b/c she starts back up mid February. Please bear with me as I take a bit longer to follow up to calls/emails than I'd prefer. I have been meeting with clients almost every day or night (yesterday I had four appointments). Starting next week I will drop back down to one week day/night and one weekend morning again so i have the time to produce the orders that are coming in.

That being said, please make sure you book your appointment early because they are first come, first serve! And please remember, email is the BEST way to get me- I have four kids so I rarely answer the phone. I am at the mercy of the kids nap times to return phone calls! In email you can't hear them fighting over who has the most juice in their glass, who gets the newest Mariposa doll (and who hit who with that same doll), and who gets to sit on mom's lap, lucky you!!

More photos from the Apple themed wedding!

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