Monday, August 10, 2009

Custom Kid's Ceremony Coloring Book

These super cute (and totally custom made) ceremony program/coloring/activity books are the perfect memento to give your child/teen wedding guests! Puzzles are all customizable, all fun facts are based on the bride & groom, and a simplified version of your ceremony is included on the inside cover. Assembly is included.

Cover (front on right and back on left)

pages 1 (left) and 10 (right)

pages 2 and 9

pages 3 and 8

pages 4 and 7

pages 5 and 6

The prices:
$50.00 for a custom design that you print yourself *
$1.75 each for white cover stock outer & standard white copy paper pages. Plus $20.00 design fee *.
$2.25 each for cover & all inner pages printed on white cover stock. Plus $20.00 design fee *.

More options:
Add $0.25 each for custom colored/shimmery cover stock covers.
Add $0.25 each for small pencil tied with ribbon.
Add $0.50 for crayon bundles tied with ribbons.

* This design fee includes three revisions, additional revisions are $5.00 each.

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