Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New custom christmas card design. Examples of four revisions for one job

These are all four revisions of this Christmas card design.  You can see how subtle differences make it even more personal.  By changing the way the characters are standing, their facial expressions, and the props we decide to include, it makes all the difference!

Revision One:  
Take notice of the font choice, the way the individuals are standing, Jennifer's facial expression, Steve is holding a plain coffee cup, and finally, the dog and cat are both accurate, albeit boring, renderings...

Revision Two:
They are now in a loving embrace their hands over her baby belly, Jennifer's dress is a bit more trendy, Steve is now holding a cigar, and the cat is now has more personality (batting at an ornament).  The text has been changed to a bolder, all uppercase font.

 Revision Three:
We went back to a coffee cup (he can't smoke around his pregnant wife for heaven's sake!), but now it's a holiday cup.  They both have faces with more expression, Jennifer's eyes are now open, her nose is more defines, and she has a smirk on her face.  Steve also has different eyes than before, a different mouth, and less curvy eyebrows.  The bulldog is now wearing antlers to make him a more lively character.  We have also changed the font once again.

 Final Revision.  Number Four:
For the final changes we decided to make Steve leaning more into Jennifer, almost like a hug with his head pointing more downwards towards her.  We changed his eyes so it seems like he is focused on her instead of looking off at something else, his hair is lighter, and his nose is a bit more defined.

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