Thursday, March 25, 2010

eightWest Wedding Party at Notos...

Well that was a fun crowd tonight at Notos!  I went to meet a couple friends, to network, and to check out the space.  I am so glad I went!  I had fun at the event and then had a fun dinner with Dee (Elements of Elegance) and Amy (Amy Carroll Photography).  A big "THANK YOU" goes out to the Channel 8 group at Bar Louie for picking up our tab.  What an awesome gesture and a huge surprise!  Good people and good times!

So anyways, onto the reason for this post.  As most everyone knows, my favorite part of my job is drawing  "You... Inked by Sondra's Ink."   It's fun, unique, and truly one-of-a-kind.  I have just begun marketing the line around the Grand Rapids and Holland area and I have been sort of stuck as to how to get the product in front of people other than through placing ads.  So... tonight I went to Notos to see my friends with a goodie bag in hand for the show hostesses!  Yep... I made custom note cards for Terri DeBoer and Rachael Ruiz along with some other samples.  I think they turned out super cute!!!

Pictured below are the drawings.

Above is Terri and Rachael...  it was really fun drawing people I see on TV every day! 

Above... the lovely Terri DeBoer.
Terri has three teens and a busy career, soooo much to talk about there!!  
I definitely want to hear her stories because I can probably relate to many 
since I am also a mom (of four) with a passion for my work!

 Above is the fabulous Rachael Ruiz.  
My husband and I have been watching her career change over the past several years
and it's really great to see her in such a fun role on eightWest!  
I also love that she is a working mom with a little one, it will be cool to get her perspective on life in general! 

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