Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Mad Teaparty : Alice in Wonderland

Our Alice in Wonderland "Mad Teaparty" to celebrate Kate's 7th birthday!  It was a BLAST! 

Photos taken by the lovely Lynell of Lizzie Photo!

Please click on the photos for a closer look.

Food and beverages...

Don't worry... nobody GREW or SHRANK at this party!


My good friends were also there to assist me!
and Dee Mitchell from Elements of Elegance 

Here is our lovely photographer, Lynell, 
a rare treat that she is in front of the camera!  
Pictured are Allison, Dee, Lynell, and Me!

       The Mad Hatter stocked the "Mad Hattery" with
foam top hats and all the fixings to decorate them.


  We had cute photo props like 
the Queen's smile and the Cheshire Cat's Smirk.

 So the kids wore their hats and used the smiles...

And so did the grown ups!

 Some of the characters who 
made an appearance included...

 The Red Queen

The White Queen

 A deck of Cards (The Red Queen's Guard)

 Dweedle Dee & Dweedle Dum

 The Cheshire Cat

A couple more White Queens


 A couple of Alices

 The March Hare and The Mad Hatter

 And all kinds of other characters!

 We're all MAD here!

 The Queen's Croquet Court was also a big attraction!  

 Flamingo mallets of course!

And hedgehog balls in true Wonderland tradition!

The Wonderland characters were the wickets!

Random Shots from the party!

 We painted some roses red...

No, the Red Queen and the Mad Hatter 
are not normally this chummy...

But the March Hare and the Mad Hatter are best friends!