Sunday, March 2, 2008

Girl Scout Cookies!!!

It's funny, I have not even remotely thought about a Girl Scout cookie for about 6 years! Yep- that's about the time Lexie, now 15, was in the Girl Scouts and was selling them! She was about 8 or 9 probably at the time.

The reason I bring them up now is that I ran across a bride-to-be who is using them as her wedding favors!! How super cute!! She is splitting them up and repackaging them in little favor boxes with a custom tag. When they are done I'll post a photo. I forgot to ask her what flavors she is using.

Wouldn't they be really cute on a dessert/candy/cookie table at a wedding reception?!! I'd buy a bunch of different glass jars and put a different kind in each, each with a custom label (custom and cute of course)!!

In the meantime... if you find yourself with no Girl Scouts trying to sell you their cookies but this post has made you really crave some, fear not!! Here is a link to the Girl Scout Cookie website which will allow you to search your zip code for locations of "cookie sales"! And although it's not officially Girl Scout Cookie season any longer, they are still available all over West Michigan.

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