Friday, May 23, 2008

New Double-sided Wedding Fans

I've been busy designing new fan programs that are as elegant as my fan with separate blades, but less time consuming to make and less expensive.

Here are some of my newest designs, these are just the font side. There is more info on the flip side such as the wedding party, honored guests, an "in loving memory" section, and a thank you. They are not on my website yet but I should be uploading them very soon (it's the peak of wedding season here and there is no slow down in sight yet!).

This one is for a destination wedding in Florida.
The colors are hot pink & yellow with brown.

This one is for a local outdoor wedding on a beach.
Her stationery is in an older post of mine.

This mock-up is for a bride in Devon, England.
She is doing the custom drawn "Melissa" design on all her stationery. SO VERY FUN!!

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