Monday, July 21, 2008

new designs

Ok, as promised here are some new designs...

Katie & William's invitations.
This design is among my new favorites- I would love to experiment with more colors! It is relatively simple to assemble and is totally unique and unexpected. This is a layered invite (4 separate layers) held together by a silver jump ring and finished with 2 sheer ribbons in matching colors, tied on the jump ring. This invite is diamond shaped and was mailed in a matching silver envelope

Jennifer and Jeremy's invitations.
This is a flat panel printed in dark chocolate brown on shimmery pink cover stock. We finished the look with a crystal placed in the center of the design at the bottom. It is mailed in a matching shimmery pink envelope. I love the simple classic look!

Clare and Brookton's invitations.
These are white shimmery panels printed in jet black, layered on shimmery onyx panels. They are finished with (the bride's own) black satin ribbon with a small white polka dot print. The invites are very upscale and classic and the dotted ribbon adds a bit of fun to the overall design. They were mailed in matching shimmery white envelopes hand addressed by Graceful Expressions Calligraphy.

Ashley and Adam's invitations.
These are an awesome new design. They are a two piece layered design with satin 1.5" scarlet ribbon as the accent. The top panel is chocolate brown printed on shimmery opal (an off white similar to ivory). The bottom layer is a slightly shimmery brown textured paper. The ribbon is placed around the brown layer and below the top layer so there is just a peek of the red ribbon from the front. These invites are stunning in person.

Libby and Jeremy's invitations.
Again, these are very stunning in person, this picture does them no justice at all. This natural white linen invitation is another layered design of four printed cards. The invitation is layered on navy blue textured paper and the other enclosures are layered in front in a tiered design. They were printed in navy blue raised ink and were all held together by a belly band placed at the bottom of the invitation packet and secured with a khaki satin ribbon (strategically placed so that only the bow is visible). GORGEOUS!

A wedding shower invitation for Rachel from Tami at September's Bride.
This is a stunning three piece design. The outer pocket is in shimmery pool, the two inner cards were printed on shimmery amber. They were mailed in a matching shimmery hot pink envelope. The top card is the registry info as well as suggested gifts (this was a travel-themed shower). The bottom card is the actual invitation with location, date, time, and RSVP information. The hostess was considering using the pocket as an inner envelope and addressing the invited guests by name in the blank space. A tag, rhinestone, or ribbon would look beautiful as well!

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