Monday, September 22, 2008


Frankenmuth was a GREAT place to go with the family! We had so much fun and it's such a nice clean town. The girls and I shopped and the boys celebrated Oktoberfest with German brewed beer in the beer tent. I LOVE dark beer. The darker and more bitey the better!

We went to Bronners CHRISTmas Wonderland and went shopping (twice). It is such a cool store. I'd love to make Oktoberfest a yearly ritual and go buy something every year. This year I fell in love with Jim Shore's gorgeous pieces. I bought the Santa pictured here.
Yes- it was really a great vacation. The four kids went with us and so did Grandma & Grandpa, the Aunts & Uncles, and all the cousins. The girls loved staying in the hotel and Kate cried ont he way home that the vacation was over. I guess now we know a week's vacation in Disney will be well received by all of them. ;-)

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