Saturday, September 13, 2008

Local Talent in Photography

This photo is so cute... and it's a cute way to put a fun spin on the dreaded clinking of the glasses at the reception!! I got it from the blog of Kelly Powers, a great photographer who I just met this weekend at the bridal show (through my good friend Jennifer of Graceful Expressions). Check out her blog for some more great pictures!! I especially love the ones she took of the couple with the little pug dog, and the wedding with the awesome sunflower field, oh, and I also loved the one in front of the book shelves... and the one in front of the shabby lil' church with broken panes of glass... and on and on I could go...

I have to tell you, I am going to have a very very hard time deciding on the photographer I book to capture my daughter's senior pictures next summer! Thank goodness she is a junior this year and I have the entire school year to decide!!

Some of my favorites are...

Taylor Grey Photography- OK seriously, I REALLY love Kerri's work- all of it!! We share a wedding couple, Theresa & Darin, who have their wedding very swiftly approaching. I am doing their wedding stationery and she did a super hot engagement session with them. One of my favorite photos is below.

Kelly Powers- I talked about her in the beginning of this post... very very talented and I have been told she is as genuine and sweet as she is talented. ;-)

Rivers Edge- they have been a photo favorite for years now. I am always happy to refer to them and am very happy when I know they are the photographers because their work is beautiful and glamourous (I have been reading too much "Fancy Nancy" to my girls lately and I fear I am beginning to talk like her).

Tim LaDuke of LaDuke Studios in Holland- What can I say, he is talented, nice, sincere, local, and very innovative behind the camera. Tim could by far be one of the most flexible photographers I have ever met. He is open to any idea, session, location you can come up with. I have been meaning to meet with him to have him photograph my wedding stationery but time keeps slipping away. This wedding season started with a bang in early February and has not showed any signs of slowing yet. I am pretty sure November will be calmer and I will finally get the chance to get in to see him with my favorite 2008 designs. I have seen many of his family portraits and I LOVE them all! I personally know some of the kids and adults being photographed and I can definitely say he has caught their personality through his artistic vision... and camera lens too. ;-)

Amy Carrol
l is another of my current faves- If you follow her blog (or just read through it now) you will find yourself addicted like me. I am warning you, her pictures become like a cup of coffee, for me at least, the day has not fully begun unless I check out her blog and see her new posts.

I'm addicted to a few other blogs as well and sometime I will post them all when it's not midnight!!


  1. OMG! How sweet! I saw your invites that you designed for Teresa and they ROCK!! I think you did some work for another couple of mine in August (Megan & Jacob) too-- and their programs were phenomenal!! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. You are too fabulous :) Thank you for your sweet comments!

  3. Awe, that is so great you've become addicted to the GREATEST photog blogs in W. Michigan. All of these ladies rock and are among the sweetest and most genuine ladies I've ever met in the industry.


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