Saturday, September 13, 2008

Grand Rapids Public Museum

We had a great time tonight at the "Wedding Affair"! Beth, my mom, Jennifer & Kevin Buck, and I all worked our booth and had so much fun meeting a bunch of new bride-to-be's! Wedding shows are a lot of work, but we really enjoy them! Our next one will be the Bunny Show in January at Devos Place.
Jenn just had an emergency appendectomy last week and still was a superstar and worked the show!! Now hopefully she will take a bit of time to recover. :-)
Remember to book your appointments well in advance as the slots do tend to fill up rather quickly!!

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  1. sondra you're so sweet! thanks for the shout-out...and it was great meeting you too! i've only heard great things about your business and you were so warm and welcoming for my first bridal show...i look forward to recommending my couples to check out your work!


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