Thursday, October 2, 2008


So, my beautiful 16 year old daughter has had a major love of vintage clothes for years. We have yet to purchase a formal for any dances anywhere other than our local ROXIES VINTAGE. Normally, we purchase the gowns last minute (because I am your last-minute-better-under-pressure type of mom) so we pick one we can wear off the rack. Well, this year with my business growing the way it has, I have found the need to plan ahead and schedule .

So... we visited Roxies last weekend and found the PERFECT
vintage 80's Gunne Sax gown... that is perfect, with a bit of work. Good thing we shopped early!!

So, this great find is perfect except we want it to be a short gown (you can't tell by the photo but it has two layers of black, a long and short layer) and we need to tack down the "flaps" at the top and fix the bow so it stays puffy (Lex LOVES LOVES LOVES the bow detail on the back). When I saw the dress on Lex, I knew it would be perfect for her once we had some help from September's Bride and their talented seamstress.

We went to a fitting on Tuesday and the seamstress simply cut off the bottom long layer and the short layer is the perfect length. The seamstress currently has the gown and is making it short and sassy!! We will have it pressed when she brings it back to the store next Tuesday and then can have it ready Thursday to go to Homecoming on Saturday!

Once it's back I will take more photos and post the new look! Lexie is big on one-of-a-kind dresses and wants to wear something nobody else will have (hence we avoid all the big department stores and Debs in the mall). We are now looking for hot pink shoes and jewelry to accessorize it. Why pink? Because her date is wearing a hot pink dress shirt!! I can't wait to see her all done up!! ;-)

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