Sunday, February 15, 2009

MoMA Spotlighted

While I am eagerly awaiting the photos that Kerri, from Taylor Grey, took of my wedding stationery, I thought perhaps i would blog about some of my favorite items from MoMA.

All of these items are either;
1. great design
2. functional
3. so cool
4. great gifts for people who have everything
5. all of the above!

Silver Forget Me Knot Ring Kiel Mead, 2005
Brooklyn-based designer casts these rings by hand using a master mold crafted from an actual tied piece of string. The final piece serves as a celebration of remembrance.
Handmade in New York City.

The handle of this clever mug features a gold-colored finish and is embedded with a Swarovski crystal, giving it the appearance of a sparkling ring.
Packaged in a black velvet box, only the "ring" is visible when the box is opened,
making it seem that a different gift is being given.
Made of porcelain, gold-colored finish, and a Swarovski crystal.
Hand wash only. Not for use in the microwave.

DrinKlip™ Cup HolderBeen Kim, 2006
This sturdy clip attaches to the side of a desk or table to hold nearly any size cup.
The DrinKlip allows for extra desk or workspace while minimizing the chance of spills.
Easy to secure in place, it can support up to a 1.5 lbs in weight
and cups with a diameter up to 3.25".
Made of ABS plastic, chrome-plated nickel, and steel. Hand wash only. Mug not included.

This whimsical gift-wrap makes gift giving special with four distinctive patterns: clouds, sprinkles, pebbles or grass. Each set comes with two 18" x 24" sheets.

P* Cell Phone HandsetHulger, 2005
Connect this black handset to your cell phone to add novelty
and the convenience of a full-size receiver.
Works with the most popular cell phones;
others may require an adaptor which can be purchased separately.

Pantone® Messenger BagJackie Piper,Victoria Whitbread, 2008

Inspired by the Pantone color charts (known and loved by design aficionados around the world), this stylish messenger bag

features interior pockets for organizing documents, cell phones, MP3 players, and more.

Made of cotton canvas and nylon.

An eco-friendly alternative to disposable cups,

this double-walled porcelain version with a pliable silicone lid keeps beverages hot and doesn't burn your hand.

Dishwasher-safe. Cup is microwave-safe. Set of 2 replacement lids sold separately.
These sparkling, colorful magnets in assorted shapes and sizes can be used to bejewel any refrigerator, filing cabinet, or other magnetic surface. Set of eight.

An alternative to the generic floral print cardboard tissue box.

Simply remove your tissues from the cardboard box, and rest the polishes stainless-steel ring on the stack. The weight and size of the ring are carefully balanced to let you pull just one tissue through at a time, while the ring remains firmly planted on the stack.

Recipient of ID magazine's 2003 Student Design Review award.

The case and five pencils in this set are all made from recycled newspaper
and printed with soy-based ink. Destination: Seoul is a MoMA-exclusive product collection

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