Thursday, April 30, 2009

Affordable handmade formal dresses

Wow! There are so many things I want to blog about, but so little time to do it now that wedding season is upon us! But for this great find I am going to take the time and just do it!

Anybody who follows my blog knows my oldest daughter is one-of-a-kind. She aims to not be like everyone else when it comes to everything, especially formal events. With prom coming fast for us, we found ourselves looking again at vintage dresses to makeover into the perfect unique dress. But this time I knew it would be hard to get the alterations done since it's also super busy at September's Bride and their seamstress is most likely crazy busy.

This dilemma prompted me to get creative and to do some searching using the "homemade" and "vintage" tags...

What I found blew me away!!! Seller, Cherrypievintage, had a gorgeous dress listed for $130.00 and it was handmade. The problem is that it was tea length and Lexie had her heart set on floor length. So I "convo'd" her and asked if I could purchase one full length and in Lexie's exact measurements for $150.00. And she said YES!!! Better yet, she had it done over the following weekend, shipped it for $8.00, and I got it two days later!

From start to finish the entire event took place in seven days!! My question was emailed to her on April 8 and I had the dress in hand on April 15! Better yet, it fits Lex like a glove (I will post the pictures of her in the dress after prom).

Even better... she could have even done it in a custom color for the same basic price if we had wanted that option! Unbeleivable value and service!!!

Of course this made me think that it would be really neat to have custom handmade bridesmaids dresses! And it's so totally affordable! We are planning to alter the dress after Prom into a tea length semi-formal dress so it can be worn again someday.


  1. oh my gosh, it is SOOO Lexie!
    I cannot wait to see pictures!!!
    Way to find an awesome dress, and I am glad that you had a great experience. ETSY sellers are the best... !


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