Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In a pinch...

I am not a photographer... and I never will be. But in a pinch I am happy to report that I can fill in if I need to.

My new wedding clients, Stacey & Charlie, wanted a photo to seal their pocketfold wedding invitations. Between the crazy weather and the popularity of their wedding photographer, there was no opportunity available for a professional photo session before the invites are to be mailed (they need to be mailed by the end of this week). Stacey looked through her photos and could only find casual shots- none of which were a good match for her gorgeous invites.

So... I offered to take some shots in my back yard and by the pond in our neighborhood. The weather cooperated for the most part while they were here (it began pouring within minutes of them pulling away)!

Not too bad for a 15 minute photo shoot, some sprinkles, and an army of skeeters attacking us!! Of course it does help that they are a stunning couple!!

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