Saturday, June 13, 2009

Alternatives to Wedding Traditions: First Dance

As a non dancer myself, I would have loved nothing more than to come up with something other than the dreaded first dance. So... thank you to Offbeat Bride for posting this cool "Wedding Dance for Non-Dancers".

Whitney Lee is the photographer for Stephanie & Kevin's recent wedding.

Stephanie says: "I guess the main thing that made our wedding offbeat was that we tried to do things because we liked them or because they were important to us, rather than doing things because they're just always done at weddings.
We had a "First Rock Band" rather than a first dance. This was because we love Rock Band and we do not love to dance. It's definitely one of my best memories of the night; my husband on guitar, me on the drums, and all our friends and family surrounding us and belting out "Living on a Prayer." Exuberance all around. It was awesome."

Sondra's Ink Side Note... I do enjoy watching first dances very much, in fact they normally make me feel all mushy. I just happen to have been born with no rhythm and a serious case of stage fright.

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